The other day as I was standing in a book shop in Taipei, I took an edition of bold journal in my hand, turned it around and read a quote by the Hungarian psychologist Mihály Csíkszentmihályi:

„One of the most effective ways of leading a happy life is to capture the memorable and enjoyable moments so they don’t disappear after a few hours.“

Underneath the following questions were written:

„Can documenting our lives really make us happy? How can we discover and savor these moments while rushing through our hectic lives?“

 I believe that yes, documenting our lives can make us happy. Just as much as it can make us sad and nostalgic.
A picture is an image that manifests itself not only on screen or paper but in our minds, our memories. Images treasure a time in space that hold a deeper meaning, especially for the person who documented this moment. A time that might have been happy, might have been sad.

Documenting our lives gives us the chance to reflect on these moments and take a look at what we have experienced.
Today’s hectic environments that bombard us with noise and flashing neon lights, with advertisements, forced material needs and false beauty realities can make us numb and tired easily.
Documenting our lives, I believe, is a way of coping with this development. Treasuring the small, the big, the sad, the beautiful means stepping out of the zone to take a closer look at what surrounds us here and now.

I document because it fulfills me. And yes, as Mihály Csíkszentmihályi says, memories disappear after some time. I want to try to keep them.