Road trip kids


Let me tell you a story of two grown up children
going on a road trip.

It was a sunny day in California,
the state of sunshine.

Two grown up children hopped into
a rental car they named Keira.
Keira was a comfortable compact car.

These kids had quite the plan, you see.
They wanted to see it all.

Castles, sea lions, light houses,
cliffs, trees, and the ocean.

Tiny horses, Madonna Inns,
missions, and Danish towns.

They wanted to taste it all.
Pancakes, pastries, egg volcanos,
crab cakes, and breakfast burritos.

These children, they were a man and a woman.
They liked each other. They liked each other so much
that the child woman had to take the child man’s hand and
put it back on the car’s wheel every time he sled his arm over to her side.

During this trip they were both very happy.
The kind of happy where you hop onto a motel bed at night and you jump, jump, jump.

It also rained during this road trip but the rain and the wind could not stop them from being happy.
The child man and child woman enjoyed themselves too much to be upset.