Taking pictures is something I started doing back in 2007 when my family just moved to Hong Kong and I got my first camera.
I would take pictures of flowers and plants in the hills behind our apartment or of big skyscrapers and ocean tankers.

Since then photography has become a companion of mine, something I turn to in times of gratitude and trouble.

One of my ongoing goals is to be able to travel and through the lense capture people, landscapes, little souvenirs for myself and others.
I believe that all of us are on a journey. A journey that should be documented and shared.
My friends often tell me that I live in the past too much. I think, I just like to dive back into my little box of memories once in a while.

But new treasures are found here and now.I was born in a little town called Isny in 1990.

After growing up on the country side, my mother decided to take my brother and me to Berlin, Beijing and Hong Kong. My childhood in China and travelling through Asia has influenced me in many ways and I hope I can share my passion and love for this part of the world with many other people who share a similar interest in this vast and colorful region.

I dedicate this digital photo album and blog to my family and friends whom I love dearly.

[ 茉莉 Mòli is the Chinese name for the flower Jasmine.
It is also my Chinese name that was given to me 1997 by a Chinese friend in the rosy tiled bathroom of my grandmother.]